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Welcome to the Year 3 blended learning page. If you are learning from home, this is where you will find the tasks to be completed. It will be updated weekly with new activities. We would love you to share your home learning with us using the year 3 email address,


Miss Wharton and Miss Nash 

Here are the web links for Times Table Rock Stars and MyMaths. The children can access these daily and new tasks will be set for the children to complete. 

Blended learning week beginning 2nd November

Please see below your blended learning activities for this week. There is a Maths, English and Spelling activity for each day. There are also some topic lessons for you to work through. We understand that you may not have access to a printer and this is not a problem. Children can just write the answers down onto paper that you have at home. 

We would love to see some of the great things that you have been doing at home. If you have any questions, you can email the year 3 staff at





Below is the word wall for our new spelling unit. This week we are looking at adding the prefix 'in'. There are some very challenging words on the word wall this week, so take your time to look at the words carefully and talk about their meaning.


Monday - Pick five words from the word wall and write them out three times each. Use a dictionary / on line dictionary to find out the meaning of each word.


Tuesday - Using your five words from Monday, create rainbow words - write over your words using different colours. 


Wednesday - Pyramid words   


                                                 i n 

                                               i n a 

                                             i n a c 

                                            i n a c t

                                           i n a c t i 

                                         i n a c t i v 

                                        i n a c t i v e 


Thursday - Using your five words from Monday, write each word in fancy writing.


Friday - Test your grown up on the five words that you have been focusing on this week. Can they get them all correct?



Below are the links to the daily maths videos and the activities that are to be completed after you have watched the video. 



This week we would like you to spend some time researching the Iron Age, ready to write your Iron Age Boy story next week in school. 


Monday - Write a list of six questions about Iron Age life that you would like to research. Here are some ideas for you:

What did Iron Age people eat?

What did Iron Age people wear?

What jobs did Iron Age people have?

What were Iron Age houses like?


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Research the answers to two of the questions each day. Below are some information sheets and websites that might help you. Make bullet point notes to summarise what you find out and be ready to share your new information with the class next week.


Friday - Using your research, make a poster all about life in the Iron Age. 

Blended learning, week beginning 19th October

Below are the links for this weeks home learning.

Blended learning, week beginning 12th October


Please continue with the English, Science, and History units from the Oak National Academy. There is also a new RE unit to start. For maths, please follow the video links below and then complete the worksheets for each day.

Blended learning, week beginning 5th October

Here are the activities for blended learning this week. 

Blended learning week beginning 28th September

Please find below the links to the activities for this weeks blended learning. 

Blended learning week beginning 21st September


This week we would like you to continue with the work on the BFG from the Oak National Academy. For maths, we would like you to work through the White Rose Maths videos and worksheets and also go on to MyMaths and Times Table Rock Stars. There is also the third history, science and computing lessons to complete. 

Blended learning, week beginning 14th September


Please find below the blended learning activities for this week. Please follow the White Rose video links for maths and then complete the worksheets. For English we would like you to work through the BFG unit of work. There are also links for a Science lesson, a History lesson and a Computing lesson. 

Blended learning week beginning 7th September


For maths this week we would like you to watch the videos on the White Rose home learning page. After each video, please complete the worksheets which are below the video link. For Friday, the activity is explained at the end of the video.  For English, we would like you to do the first five lessons on a sequence of work based on the book The BFG. The link for the videos and the activities is below. 


There are also some links for other curriculum areas with videos to watch and activities to complete.