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Welcome to Year 4's Blended Learning page. If you are home learning at this time, this page will have all the information you need to do this successfully. Please do what you can and remember to email us at: to show us the work you have completed at home. 


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Miss Airey, Mrs Hickson, Mrs Aitchison, Mrs Doyle & Miss Gascoigne. 


Here is the link for an English Unit for this half term.


Here is our Science unit of work for this half term on States of Matter.

Thursday 1st October 2020

Maths video link:

Thursday 1st October - Maths rounding to the nearest 1000 - worksheet and answers

Friday 2nd October 2020

Maths video link:

Friday 2nd October - Maths counting in 25's - worksheet and answers.

Monday 5th October 2020

Maths video link:

Monday 5th October - Maths negative numbers - worksheet and answers.

Tuesday 6th October

Maths video link:

Tuesday 6th October - Maths Roman numerals - worksheets and answers

Wednesday 7th October

Maths video link:

Wednesday 7th October - Maths ordering numbers - worksheets and answers

Thursday 8th October

Maths video link:

Thursday 8th October - Maths adding 1's,10's,100's and 1000's - worksheet and answers.

Friday 9th October 2020

Maths video link:

Friday 9th October - Maths adding two three digit numbers not crossing 10 or 100 - worksheet and answers.