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Extra Curricular Activities

At Belle Vue, we aim for 100% of our pupils to access some form of extra-curricular activity either before, during, or after the traditional 'school day'. We are consistently looking at ways in which we can extend our offer to meet the requests of our pupils. We believe that these valuable opportunities should enrich the pupils' learning experiences - developing skills, providing a sense of belonging, and providing fun and enjoyment. 


Some activities run all year round, whilst others are for shorter periods. We have a rich and varied extra-curricular offer at Belle Vue Primary School.


Digital Leaders!

KS1 Art Club!

KS1 Art Club! 1
KS1 Art Club! 2 KS1 Art Club work with Mrs Temple!
KS1 Art Club! 3
KS1 Art Club! 4
KS1 Art Club! 5
KS1 Art Club! 6

Gardening Club!

Gardening Club! 1

Cheerleading Club!

Let's Get Fit!

Science Club!

Science Club! 1 Science Club with Miss Airey!

Dance Club!

Shakespeare Club!

Huge Selection of after-school sports clubs with Liam!

Huge Selection of after-school sports clubs with Liam! 1

Lunchtime Football Club!

Book Club!

Reception After School Club!

Reception After School Club! 1 Our very own club for our very youngest pupils!

Gymnastics Clubs (Recreational and Elite)

Gymnastics Clubs (Recreational and Elite) 1 Monday & Tuesday mornings from 8:00am
Gymnastics Clubs (Recreational and Elite) 2

Homework Club!

Homework Club! 1 With Mrs Allen and Mrs Cooper!