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Please find below the Blended Learning set for if any families find themselves either isolating or shielding. 


These sessions follow the Oak academy learning. Please click on the relevant links for the lessons. 


Many thanks,


EYFS Team 

Welcome back! We hope you've had a lovely Easter holiday and are ready for the Summer term. Here is your blended learning for the next 2 weeks.


Week Beginning Monday 19th April for 2 weeks


Literacy – Explanantion 

Week 1

To listen to and join in with an explanation (

To map and speak an explanation (

To step and speak an explanation (

To sing an explanation (

To interview a character (


Week 2

To show how a character feels (

To box up an explanation (

To write an explanation (Part 1) (

To write an explanation (Part 2) (

To write an explanation (Part 3) (


Please follow the link to some white rose maths lessons


Please follow these links for daily maths lessons

Depth of numbers within 10


Depth of numbers within 15


Find numbers to 20 in the environment


Counting on and counting back


Counting on and back from a number between 1-20


Number bonds to 10 part 1


Number bonds to 10 part 2


Continuing patterns


Doubling and halving of numbers to 20

K & U - Growing plants

Lesson 1 To understand what plants need to grow (

Lesson 2 To sequence the stages of a plant growing (


Music - Growth

Lesson 5 Jack and the Beanstalk (Part 1) (

Lesson 6 Jack and the Beanstalk (Part 2) (


PSHE - Non

Home learning Week beginning 29th March 2021 - Have a wonderful Easter break everyone! 


Story time- Chicken Licken -


Literacy – Lessons 6 – 10 The Lucky Duck

Lesson 6 -

Lesson 7 -

Lesson 8 -

Lesson 9 -

Lesson 10 -


Maths – Depth of numbers within 20

Lesson 1 -

Lesson 2 -

Lesson 3 -

Lesson 4 -

Lesson 5 -


Knowledge & understanding of the world – The life cycle of an animal

PSHE – The love for pets

Music – Jack & the beanstalk



Welcome to our 2 week Blended Learning for the week beginning 15th and 22nd March


This week we have welcomed the Living Eggs into school and the children will be observing these and what hatches out of them over the next 2 weeks.


Week beginning 15th March



Linked text

First the Egg by Laura Seeger


The Sweet Talking Potato- continued from last week

Lesson 5 - To role play a story (

Lesson 6 - To box up a story to show what happens (

Lesson 7 - To write a story (Part 1) (

Lesson 8 - To write a story (Part 2) (

Lesson 9 - To write a story (Part 2) (

Lesson 10 - To write a story (Part 3) (


Maths - Numbers within 20

Lesson 1 - Counting objects up to 20 (

Lesson 2 - Ordering numbers up to 20 (

Lesson 3 - Developing a sense of 10 (

Lesson 4 - Exploring place value (

Lesson 5 - Finding one more than a number to 20 (


PSHE - Circle of Life - Lesson 2 Let's roll with the changes (

K&U - On the Farm - Growing (animals) - Lesson 1 To know the names for the offspring animals (

Music - Growth - Lesson 4 The Veggie Patch (Part 2) (


Week beginning 22nd March



Linked Text

Egg to Chicken life cycle


The Lucky Duck

Lesson 1 - To listen and join in with a story (

Lesson 2 - To map and speak a story (

Lesson 3 - To step and speak a story (

Lesson 4 - To draw and describe characters (

Lesson 5 - To write speech and thought bubbles (


Maths - Numbers within 20 continued

Lesson 6 - Finding one less than a given number (

Lesson 7 - Exploring one more and one less (

Lesson 8 - Investigating number combinations within 20 (

Lesson 9 - Review lesson: A maths meeting! (

Lesson 10 - Patterns and ordinal numbers (


PSHE - Circle of Life - Lesson 3 - The circle of life (

K&U - On the Farm - Growing (animals) - Lesson 2 - To know what farm animal offspring need to grow (

Music - Growth - Lesson 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk (Part 1) (






Welcome to your Blended Learning for Week beginning 8th March 2021.


Literacy: The Sweet Talking Potato

Lesson 1 -

Lesson 2 -

Lesson 3 -

Lesson 4 -

Lesson 5 -


Maths – Continuing with measure – capacity, weight & length

Lesson 1 -

Lesson 2 -

Lesson 3 -

Lesson 4 -

Lesson 5 -


PSHE – My Growing Journey -

KUW – To sequence the life cycle of a human -

Music, The Veggie Patch -

Welcome to your blended learning 

Week 2 

Week beginning 1st March 2021 


This is your last week of blended learning before school reopens for everyone. We can’t wait to see you all. We will keep updating the blended learning page so that if you are self isolating there will be some lessons for you to do at home.


This week we are looking at New Life and Growing 


There will be two live sessions this week on TEAMS so help the children prepare for coming back to school. Please check times and days on Teams and there is also a tapestry post. 


Our shared reading text is TITCH


Please look on tapestry for this recorded video


These are some comprehension questions for you to answer.


Who is the main character?

Who was bigger than Titch?

Who had a great big bike?

Why couldn’t Titch get up the hill? How do you think he felt? 

What happened to Marys kite? 

What instrument did Mary play? 

What happened to the tiny seed? 


Talk to your grown up about the answers and see if you write a sentence to answer one of the questions. Eg Pete had a great big bike. 

Remember say your sentence, write down the sounds you can hear and use your finger spaces then end your sentence with a full stop. 


There are home work bingo activities linked to “look how I’ve grown” week 2. 


To link in with the story Titch by Pat Hutchins we are looking at the shape space and measure element of maths 



Monday’s maths lesson 


Lesson 1.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Ordering objects by size17m video


Tuesdays Maths lesson 


Lesson 2.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Using everyday language to compare and explore capacities17m video


Wednesdays maths lesson


Lesson 3.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Using everyday language to compare and explore weight20m video


Thursday maths lesson


Lesson 4.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Using everyday language to compare and explore length16m video


Friday maths lesson


Lesson 5.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Consolidating learning on measure13m video



White rose maths please follow this link for number work. There are five lessons for you to enjoy together. 






We are continuing with the Giant Turnip. 

Thank you for the work you have sent in so far. 



Lesson 6 


Lesson 6To write a caption to show action in a story20m video



Lesson 7


Lesson 7To box up a story to show what happens16m video



Lesson 8


Lesson 8To write a story to show action (Part 1)21m video



Lesson 9


Lesson 8To write a story to show action (Part 1)21m video



Lesson 10


Lesson 10To write a story to show action (Part 3)18m video





Let’s roll with the changes

Learning about growing 


Lesson 2.subject-rshe-pshe_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-rshe-pshe_svg__st1{fill:#008245}.subject-rshe-pshe_svg__st2{fill:#4a3241}Let's roll with the changes12m video





To understand what humans need to grow 

Lesson 2To understand what humans need to grow10m video 




Growing in the garden 


Lesson 2Growing in the garden19m video


We hope you enjoy this week blended learning. We cant wait to see you in school next week!

Blended Learning Week Beginning Monday 22nd February

Still image for this video
The topic for this half term is New Life. We begin this week by looking at ourselves and how we have grown from being babies and all the things we can do know that we couldn't do when we were born.

This video will explain the learning for this week.

Shared Reading - Each Peach Pear Plum

Please watch the video of this story on Tapestry then answer the questions below. Apologies as the file was too large to post on this page.


1. Can you spot the different characters on each page of the story?

2. Can you find the 2 rhyming words on each page?
Page 1 is plum and thumb.

3. Can you play a game of eye spy with an adult. I spy with my little eye something beginning with.......




Can you find pictures of yourself as a baby and growing up to photos from today.

How have you changed?

What can you do now that you couldn’t do when you were a baby?

What would you like to to do when you grow up?


Writing activity: Making your own “Guess Who” card.

(This is an activity we would normally do in school at the beginning of the New Life topic.)


Fold a piece of paper to make it into a card.

On the front draw a picture or print a photo of when you were a baby and stick on the front.

Write underneath ….. Guess who?

In the middle of the card draw a picture or print a photo of how you look now and stick it in on the left hand side.

On the right hand side write these 3 sentences:

I am …… (Name)

I can …… (run, write, sing etc)

When I grow up I want to be a …….. ( an astronaut, a nurse, a footballer etc)


Additional story Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg


Literacy – The Giant Turnip

These 5 lessons focus on listening to and learning the story of The Giant Turnip. The children will join in with the story, map and step the story and then dance and role playing the different parts of the story.














This week we will be focussing on doubling and halving.















Double trouble – learn how to double and halve numbers up to 8


The rest of the subjects all focus on new life. You will see that there is an extra video for Music as this links with the topic. 

PSHE -The circle of life


Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Growing (babies)


Music – Growth


Busy Things assignment

It was Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday last week. We hope you all enjoyed some tasty pancakes and would love to see the toppings that you added. You can do this by completing the assignment that is in the Reception area of the Busy Things page. Don’t forget to put your name on your work and save it so we can see that you have completed it.


Also keep up the hard work with the Busy Box, Belle Vue School are doing so well because of you!

Homework Bingo

👍 Oxford Owl reading material! 


Oxford owl have a number of free eBooks that you can access online. You will need to click on the link below and register to access them. On there you will find an option to select an age band. If you select age 4-5 then there you will find a number of books including RWI books similar to the ones we use in school.  Chose one per week for your child to read and discuss alongside the RWI activities that they are completing below. Start with the red RWI books first as these are at the correct level and what we would be using in school.

Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press

Week beginning 8th February home learning - Chinese New Year

Still image for this video
Enjoy your week!

Blended Learning Week beginning 8th February

Chinese New Year: Welcome to a new week! Your final week of home learning before a well-deserved half term holiday! The Chinese New Year of the Ox will begin on 12 February 2021. It will be year 4719 on the Chinese Calendar. Until then, it is still the Year of the Rat which began on 25 January 2020. We hope you really enjoy your week of learning all about the Chinese New Year!

* An episode of Go Jetters to watch a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance:


* CBeebies offering a huge range of activities including some videos to watch, a quiz to complete and a craft activity:


Literacy Sessions This week we are continuing to focus on the Mouse, Deer and Tiger. We hope you are enjoying this unit of lessons and would absolutely love to see your final stories shared on Tapestry!







Here is a presentation all about Chinese New Year, I hope you learn some interesting facts about it!

Story time - The great race

Still image for this video
I really hope you enjoy this story boys and girls. This story has lots of life lessons in it and it gives a perfect opportunity to chat about some of the characters. Here are some questions linked to the story:
Q1, which animal finishes first?
Q2, who do you think was the kindest animal in the race?
Q3, why do you think this animal was the kindest, what did they do in the story?
Q4, which animal do you think was the most sneaky?
Q5, can you give a reason why that animal was sneaky?

Maths: We are focusing on some more work within 10 this week. We are working on building the children’s knowledge!


Lesson 7 - Exploring one less within 10:

Lesson 8 – Placing numbers within 10 in order:


Number blocks x 2 episodes:

Ten again:


Learn to count up to 10:

Other maths activities:

Chinese New Year ordering & sequencing game:


* Using your ten frame at home, can you complete an activity where you start with 0 items on there (this can be counters, sweets, blobs of playdough etc), then write down

0+1 = 1 and place an item on your ten frame,

1 + 1 more = 2 and place another on and so on until your ten frame is full! This can then be repeated with the ten frame being full, and working back from 10, so

10 – 0 = 10, 10 – 1 = 9, 9 – 1 = 8 and so on until the final number sentence will say 1 – 1 = 0

This can be extended to incorporate two numbers that go together to make ten! So 1 + 9 = 10 or 6 + 4 = 10.


White Rose Maths: Building 9 & 10, there are five lessons to choose from here.

Writing numbers in mandarin - can you have a go at writing some number sentences boys and girls?

Knowledge & Understanding of the World: To coincide with what’s happening currently and the importance of the NHS, here are two lessons to develop children’s understanding of the role of both Doctors and Nurses.

 To explain what a Doctor does:


To identify where Doctors and Nurses work:


PSHE: This lesson focuses on our lockdown heroes, who has helped keep us all safe during this lockdown? Can you name any?

A craft activity - you don't need to print this, you can cut strips of paper, decorate them and glue them together!

Have a fabulous week boys & girls. Remember you have two live Teams sessions to attend and there will be three recorded RWI sessions for you to access too! See you all after a well deserved half term holiday. Stay safe, all of you!

Week beginning 1st February. Introduction to learning for the week.

Still image for this video
Welcome to this weeks learning. We hope you have lots of fun. We look forward to seeing you on the live sessions.

Home learning 

Week beginning 1st February 


Please watch the video above to find out about this weeks learning. It is great to see you all on TEAMS. If you are having a problem logging on please contact us through tapestry. If you are opting out of live sessions or cannot attend please can you let us know. 


You have all been working very hard and we live seeing your with in Tapestry. Please continue to share with us weekly your wonderful work. 



We have been focusing on numbers within ten. This week is about number ten. Please follow the links to an online lessons


Lesson 5.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Counting up to 10 objects reliably14m video


Lesson 6.subject-maths_svg__st0{fill:#fff}.subject-maths_svg__st1{fill:#4a3241}Exploring one more within 1013m video



Number blocks episodes to support learning can be found on you tube or bbc iplayer. 


Number 10


TenTen turns up to tell the Numberblocks what it's like to be a perfect ten....Ten turns up to tell the Numberblocks what it's like to be a perfect ten.5 minsAvailable for 3 months


Ten green bottles 


Ten Green BottlesOne of Ten's bottles accidentally falls off the wall, setting off a numbery hullabaloo....One of Ten's bottles accidentally falls off the wall, setting off a numbery hullabaloo.5 minsAvailable for 3 months


Now we are 6 to 10 

<img class="rs-image__img" srcSet=" 304w, 464w" alt=""/>CBeebiesSeries 3: Now We Are Six to TenLearn all about the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 with the Numberblocks....Learn all about the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 with the Numberblocks.5 minsAvailable for 3 months


Top Ten Tips! 

Ten ways to help your child with maths 

Ten ways to help your child with mathscbeebies


White rose maths

Please follow the link for 5 maths sessions that consolidate  Growing 6, 7, 8! – Week 3


You will find links to consolidate learning of 6,7 and 8 through comparing height and length as well as the days of the week



For reading books please go to Oxford owl. You will find free books



For phonics please go to Ruth Miskin you tube for daily phonics lesson for set one and two sounds


Some fantastic story time sessions can be found following this link


You will find on TEAMS three pre recorded RWI guided reading sessions from your teachers at school. You need to log on and take part in these session. We hope you enjoy them. 


Other literacy sessions 


Mouse Deer and Tiger


This is a new story for the children. They will learn different skills each day including exploring story settings, retelling and story mapping. Please share your child’s learning with us on tapestry. 



Lesson 1To listen and join in with the Story of Mouse Deer17m video


Lesson 2To map the Story of Mouse Deer and explore the setting14m video


Lesson 3To step out the story of Mouse Deer and explore the setting16m video


Lesson 4To join in with a choral telling of Mouse Deer16m video


Lesson 5To tell the story of Mouse Deer independently15m video



Story time to support the home learning bingo 


Dragon Jelly


Follow this link for the story of Dragon Jelly linked to home work bingo. 


9:06Story Time: Dragon JellyYouTube · East Hertfordshire Family Centre Service15 Jul 2020


You can also find it on tapestry!  Mrs brooks has recorded the story of Dragon Jelly for you to enjoy. We miss reading you stories so we hope you enjoy our story time books. 




Knowledge and understanding of the world 


It has been really cold and frosty. This is because it is winter. Please follow the link to an online lesson about things you can see in winter. 


Lesson 3To name things that you can see outside in winter10m video




To help us learn about our new normal you can find out about super juice to keep you healthy 


Please follow the link to the on line lesson

Lesson 6.subject-pshe_svg__st2{fill:#4a3241}.subject-pshe_svg__st3{fill:#008245}Super juice21m video


Have fun learning this week boys and girls. We can’t wait to see you on our live sessions this week. One will have a maths focus one snd one will have a phonics focus. Please check TEAMS for days, timings and links to meetings.  



Introduction to learning for week beginning 25th January 2021

Still image for this video
This short video will explain the learning activities for the week including information about the live Teams meetings.

Home learning week beginning 25th January - Spider sandwiches! Yuk!


We hope you enjoyed your first live teams lessons with us last week where you had the chance to tell everyone about one of you Christmas presents and also listened to a story, Aliens love underpants. 


This week you will need to bring a pencil and a piece of paper to one of your live teams meeting and the pot of play dough from your home learning pack to the other. 


There will also be three recorded RWI lessons that will be available for you to view through the week. These have been prerecorded so you won’t see anyone else, just the teacher and the red ditty book that you will be reading together. We’ve had lots of fun recording these and we hope you enjoy them too!


You will be sent links for all of these meetings so please keep checking in on your teams account for details of these meetings.



The Gingerbread man

There are 5 lessons this week. You can chose how best to achieve these but possibly one lesson each day.


Lesson 6 – To draw and label characters


Lesson 7 – To write simple sentences with an adjective


Lesson 8 – To recycle a story by changing characters


Lesson 9 – To deepen character choice through description


Lesson 10 – To create a story


You could use your new exercise books to write your story and we would love to see them on tapestry.


Shared reading 

Our text this week is Spider Sandwiches. We have recorded the story and posted it on Tapestry for you all to see. You can also follow this link to a Vimeo of the story.


Questions to answer after listening to the story:


1. What is the Monsters name in the story?


2. What kinds of food does he like to eat? Could you make a list of some of these things?

Eg. Slug milkshake 

      Beetle biscuits


3. Which different places does Max visit in the story?

Eg. Space


4. What is Max’s favourite food in the world?


5. If you were to make a spider sandwich with strange sandwich fillings from your cupboard what would you include? Maybe chocolate spread on 2 slices of bread, raisin eyes and twiglet legs. Could you look in your cupboards to see what you could use to make a disgusting “spider sandwich” that you could make and eat? Take a picture and pop it on tapestry for us to see? 



Over the past three weeks we have been learning about 6, 7 and 8. The lessons this week will practise and consolidate this learning with lots of different activities. We will also go onto learning about the number 9. Please follow the links below to access the weeks lessons and the resources you will need to help with your learning.


You can also use your new home learning pack resources to help with any number problems and working out. The resources that could be used are the ten frame, part whole model, and the number line to 20. You can use anything you like to represent the numbers, for example, pieces of play dough made into balls, pieces of pasta, Lego, coins etc. 


White Rose Maths

6, 7 and 8 week 2





Oak National academy 

Counting up to 9 objects reliably



Same and different 

Lesson 4 – Languages of the world


Understanding of the world


Lesson 1 – To understand the difference between hot and cold


  Homework bingo for weeks 4, 5 and 6


Home learning week beginning 18th January - Aliens love underpants! Or do they? 


Please accept our apologies but the live links from Oak Academy would not copy direct to here for you to be able to click on, therefore please either type the link in below or copy and paste it into a new browser. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. 


Literacy:  this week we are giving you three links for three lessons linked to the Gingerbread Man story. These three lessons are very closely linked together as the children develop their knowledge and understanding of the story and story writing/creating.


The Gingerbread Man -  
Lesson 3 -  To step and speak the story - 

Lesson 4 - To explore description through song -

Lesson 5 - To explore description through role play -


Maths:  Number 8 - recognising and counting numbers within 8 - 


Understanding the conversation of 8 -


Number blocks series 2, episode 8 is all about number 8.  Can you ask your child to count 8 objects? Can they tell you what one more and one less than 8 is? Can they show you using objects and add one or take one away? Can you play a matching game with different images of 8 on pieces of paper and if they turn two over that match, they keep that pair! Images of 8 could be the digit, 8 lines, 8 stars, 8 dots all spaced out differently. 

Using 8 objects ask your child to split them into two groups and make number sentences. Ask them to say the number sentence as they are doing this, eg 1 add 7 more equals 8 and also showing them that 7 add 1 more is also equal to 8. Help your child record these number sentences either using dots to show the amounts or by writing the numbers. 


We use white rose maths to support our teaching in school -

please go to white rose home learning early years Alive in 5 week 2. This is some consolidation work of composition of numbers to 5. You can also apply this knowledge to larger numbers with your child.


you will need to copy and paste this link



PSHE - Same and different - Lesson 3 Dress to Impress


Understanding of the World - Space - Lesson 3 build a spaceship


Busy Things - Phonics, reading and spelling -  Read and Feed - this game focuses on feeding the monster items that include set 2 sounds which were the sounds we covered before the Christmas break and also the sounds that are on the image of the sound mat below! 


Shared Reading - Please search on Youtube for 'Cbeebies Bedtime story Aliens love underpants'. Here are some questions you can ask your child based on this text and are the same type of questions we would ask during a reading session in school, you could pause the video at different points. We hope you enjoy this rhyming story! 

Q1 - What noises does the spaceship's radar make? (A - bleeps and blinks)


Q2 - Which underpants do they like best of all? (A - Granny's spotted bloomers)


Q3 - Whose underpants do they use as a super whizzy slide? (A - Grandad's woolly long johns)


Q4 - What kind of races do the aliens do? (A - upside down pant races)

Home learning week beginning 4th January - Topic - Space 


Click on the links next to each subject area for the activity videos.


Literacy:  The Gingerbread Man -  Lesson 1 - To listen to and join in with a story ( 


Story time: Whatever next by Jill Murphy -  Whatever Next | Kids Books Read Aloud - YouTube


RWI: Review the sounds from your set 1 sound mat. Can your child say the sound of every letter of special friends (two letters that make just one sound, for eg, sh)? We have included a photo of the set 2 sound mat that the children have been learning in school before the Christmas holidays. Please could you review these sounds also?

Word cards/key rings. It will be important that your child continues to read these words. The final aim is to be reading these on sight but if they are finding this tricky then they can say the sounds of the word out loud (fred talk) or silently to themselves (fred in their head) and then blend the sounds together to read the word. They may need your help to do this blending with some words that they aren't familiar with.


To find out more about how we teach reading and writing through Read Write Inc and to help with daily phonics and reading activities  then please search for Ruth Miskin Training on facebook or go to the link This will give you a daily schedule of lessons available at 9.30 each day which will recap sounds, green words and tricky red words as well as reading and writing sentences.


Maths:  Number 6 - Consolidation of counting to 6 (


Number blocks episodes can be found on BBC iPlayer or You Tube. We use these in school to support children in learning mathematical concepts.  

Number 6, series 2, episode 1 will support learning about number 6. Can you use objects with your child to find different ways to make 6? Try and focus on splitting the objects into two different groups so that they can see that the two group (two parts) are equal to 6. 

Series 2, episode 9 has a focus on number doubling. Double 3 is 6. Can your child represent this using their fingers, dice, objects and spots? Can they write the number sentence 3 + 3= 6? Work through the number doubles of 1,2 3 4 5 and 6 with your child.


PSHE: Same and Different - Lesson 1 - The human race (


Understanding of the world - Lesson 1 - To understand some features of our Solar System (


Story time: Whatever next by Jill Murphy -  Whatever Next | Kids Books Read Aloud - YouTube



Home learning week beginning 11th January


Click on the links next to each subject area for the activity videos.


Literacy:  The Gingerbread Man -  Lesson 2 - To map and speak the story (


Maths:  Number 7 - Recognising and counting numbers within 7 (


Number blocks number 7, series 2, episode is all about number 7. Can you ask your child to count 7 objects? Can they tell you what one more and one less than 7 is? Can they show you using objects and add one or take one away? You could write numbers on paper and ask your child to order them. As they are doing this, say "one more than one is two, one more than two is three."

Using 7 objects ask your child to split them into two groups and make number sentences. Ask them to say the number sentence as they are doing this, eg 5 add 2 more equals 7 or 3 add 4 make 7. Help your child record these number sentences either using dots to show the amounts or by writing the numbers. 


Series 3, episode 13 helps children understand that numbers past 5 are made up of 5 and a bit. This helps children learn their number bonds. Eg 7 is made of 5 and 2 more, 5 add 2 is equal to 7. 

We use white rose maths to support our teaching in school if you follow this link it has a daily maths video lesson and activities linked to 6,7 and 8.



PSHE: Same and Different - Lesson 2 - Festival fun (


Understanding of the world - Lesson 2 - Alien handprints (


Story time: Storybots - Outerspace - StoryBots Outer Space | Planets, Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars | Solar System Super Song | Fun Learning - YouTube

Read, Write Inc, reviewing set 1 and 2 sounds. Here are the set 1 and 2 sounds to practise at home.

HOMEWORK BINGO, please focus on one week at a time for the activities. We can't wait to see what you've been up to on Tapestry.