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Hello and welcome to our school's PE and sports event page! 


At Belle Vue we strive for our children to belong to a T.E.A.M

because: Together Everyone Achieves More. 



Watch this space - 30th June 2021.


18TH  - 22ND MAY 2020


As of Monday, if we were at school together we would all be involved in the national walk to school week. As an alternative, I thought it would be lovely if we could share some pictures and a brief description of some of the beautiful places in our local area where you've been on a walk!


I'll share two of mine with you all. If you would like to see yours on this part of the school website, please send them directly to me on: 

Our walk along the River Caldew where we spotted some ducklings and a heron!

Our favourite walk, along Castle way, under the subway to Bitts Park and then along towards the Sheepmount

Isaac's favourite walk: the route goes from our house to Engine Lonning, which leads down to the river. We then walk along the riverbank until we get to the Sheep Mount athletics stadium then we go through Bitts Park, around the castle and back up Newtown Road to our house.

Neve, Ruby and Joel shared their favourite walk: it is down Engine Lonning, off Newtown Road, by the entrance to Coledale Meadows, one way goes along the river Eden to the sheepmount & the other to the bypass.... its the first time we have been, we passed Mrs Greagan one day & she told us about it.... we loved all the different paths & it is full of parts where they can use their imagination!

Kian from RSB shared his walks with us! It takes him through Finlandrigg nature reserve, just past Thurstonfield. He also enjoys going along the river to Dalston, Kingmoor nature reserve and also Engine Lonning.

Harry & George & Mrs Temple also enjoy taking walks or bike rides down Engine Lonning to Bitts Park!

Leo from RSB enjoyed a lovely walk searching for mini beasts in Kingmoor woods!

Ollie from RFT enjoyed a walk down Engine Lonning and under the Waverly Bridge.

Pennine House - Sports Day Winners 2019!

Mr Jenkinson's Lunch Time Football - Finalists 2019