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On this page you will find all of the lessons/activities to complete, if you are having to learn from home. This includes Maths, English (writing) and Science for this half term. 
You can also access reading for pleasure either using reading materials at home or accessing e-books using previous log in details provided during the last academic year and we have also added some non-compulsory activities on our bingo board if your child wishes to access them. These include: P.E, PSHE, Art & Design, Music, Spelling and Maths.


 Please do not hesitate to email us via: if you have any questions - as always we are happy to help yes.



Please open the PDF below to access the links and see other resources below!

Week 2) 

week commencing 10/1/22



 Our topic this term in 'All about animals' This week we are learning all about mammals.  Please follow the link below and watch the video all about mammals.  Children will be creating their own report about mammals. They can choose 3 or 4 questions from this selection to answer, and even add their own fascinating fact about mammals! This can be presented on paper or the computer.

  • Where do they live?


  • What do they eat?


  • How do they move?


  • What do they look like?

We have attached an example of this titled 'Mammals information sheet' to give children ideas.

We would also like children to include some technical vocabulary in their information writing and we have provided a word mat linked to mammals to support children with this.  Maybe you could find the definitions of some of the vocabulary that children are unsure of?

Extension task (just if children wanted something extra) Can children choose their favourite mammal, eg monkey, and create an information sheet about it, following the same format.


MammalsEducational Video


This week in maths we are looking at addition and subtraction within 20.  Please follow the link below to access the video and related worksheets.

Monday 10/1/ Add by counting on (no worksheet)

Tuesday 11/1 Add by counting on video

Wednesday 12/1 video: add ones using number bonds

Thursday 13/1 maths video- find and make number bonds

Friday 14/1 Video- add by making 10 (no worksheet)

Week 3

week commencing: 17/1/22

Monday 17/1 Add by making 10 video

Tuesday 18/1 Subtraction not crossing 10 video

Wednesday 19/1 Subtraction counting back video

Thursday 20/1 Subtraction counting back (crossing 10) video

Friday 21/1 Subtraction crossing 10 video

Week 4

Week commencing: 24/1/22

Monday Subtraction crossing 10 (1) video

Tuesday Subtraction crossing 10 (2) video

Wednesday Related facts video

Thursday Compare number sentences video

Week 5

week commencing 31/1/22

Monday 31/1 Counting to 50 by making 10s video (no worksheet)

Tuesday Numbers to 50 video

Wednesday Counting forwards and backwards within 50 video

Thursday Tens and ones video

Friday Represent numbers to 50 video

Week 6 

week commencing 7.2.22

Monday One more one less video

Tuesday One more one less video

Wednesday Compare objects to 50 video

Thursday Compare numbers within 50 video

Friday Order numbers within 50 video