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Year 1 stars of the week are...

1CL you are all stars! It has been my absolute privilege to have you all in class this year. I am only sorry it got cut short. It was lovely seeing many of you this week and I look forward to seeing everyone in September. Take care of yourselves and each other. Have an amazing summer. May the sun shine!

Year 1 stars of the week are ...

Home learning time table 13.7.20

We hope you enjoy your last week of the summer term. We look forward to seeing many of you at our class assemblies on Tuesday. I am hoping to have a little exchange of waves with those children who are already in school! 

Have a fantastic week Year 1's, soon to be Year 2's!!smiley

Monday spellings

For those who are up for an extra maths challenge.

Science Enjoy looking at these different plants. Have you seen any before? Are there any you have not seen? What is the same about them? What is different?

Tuesday spellings

For those who are up for an extra maths challenge.

Now visit a park, your garden or someone else's garden to see which plants you can spot.

Wednesday spellings

For those who are up for an extra maths challenge.

Thursday spellings

For those who are up for an extra maths challenge.

Friday spellings

We hope you have enjoyed your home learning.  We know some parents have said they would like to access the home learning in the holidays, as due to time restrains their children have been unable to accomplish their online learning. It will remain on the school page to enable anyone to do this is they wish to. Just keep scrolling back.

We hope you have a fantastic summer.  May the sun shine! Stay safe and take care of each other.

Sending much love from all of the year 1 team.



Some of the brilliant work carried out at home by children in Class 1BT this week.

Year 1 stars of the week are...

  As this weeks assembly has had to be cancelled, due to the bad weather forecast, we look forward to seeing many of you next Tuesday, the 14th of July!


It has been lovely catching up with children and their parents. We look forward to speaking to everyone, that we have not been able to catch, over the next  week.

'Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful'. Please share with your child and work through the booklet throughout the week.

Maths. Find a half. Worksheets

Maths Day 1. For those wanting an extra challenge.

Tuesday spellings 7/7

Maths. Day 2. Worksheets.

Maths Day 2. For those wanting an extra challenge.

Wednesday spellings

Maths. Day 3. Worksheets.

Maths Day 3. For those wanting an extra challenge.

Thursday spellings

Maths. Day 4. Worksheets.

Maths Day 4. Extra challenge.

Be creative day. 

Collect different types of leaves, if you have not already.  Can you use them to make a picture? Try painting them to make prints. A picture or repeating pattern. Or can you think of some other ways you can use the leaves to make a picture. Be creative!

Friday spellings

Use the rest of today to finish off the activities in the 'Bob, the bubble' booklet or finish off any of the activities you didn't manage to get done on any of the previous days.
We hope everyone has enjoyed their learning this week. 

A clue for this weeks Star of the week in 1CL. A young man that has settled so well into the school hub. Well done to everyone continuing to work so hard, either at home or in the hub.

Year 1 stars of the week this week are...

Weekly timetable week commencing 29/6/2020

Monday spellings

For the confident mathematician, please choose a problem each day. Can you do this independently?

Powerpoint version. Answer sheet follows activity.

Tuesday spellings

Science. Please copy the bottom picture, then label it.

Wednesday spellings

Mathematical problem if unable to access power point on Monday


Use different materials to make a plant. Which materials do you think would be the best to use for the stem, the petal, the leaf or the roots? Don't forget to label the different parts of the plant.

Thursday spellings

Mathematical problem if unable to access power point on Monday.

Friday spellings

Mathematical problem if unable to access power point on Monday.


Please continue to do the activities in Pippety Skycap A tale of mischief!

We hope you have enjoyed your online learning this week. It is lovely to see what you are doing. Please send in pictures of your work or any extra curricular activities. We are continuing to add house points on even though we are not in school.  Some children have even earned their bronze badge. A fantastic achievement so early in their school journey!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work and to mums and dads for sending the pictures to us.  We hope to see you all soon.

From all the Year 1 adults to all the Year 1 littlies (and parents!) Sending much love to you all.

Some of the brilliant work class 1BT have done this week!

1CL, star of the week, Sophia's fantastic butterfly report with Toby's very own butterfly! it's lovely to see examples of some school learning being sent in too.

Year one stars of the week this week are...

Year 1 timetable Week commencing 22.6.2020

Week beginning Monday 22nd June. Our topic this week is Seasons. Follow this link to read the book below. Please share the book with your child throughout the week.

We have been asked to tell you about the  Summer Reading Challenge and 'Sports ' week' this year.  Please see the time table for details (in red text!)

Monday Spellings

Wednesday Science

Thursday.  Art/Science.  Please be creative.  Thinking about what you have learned this week about seasons. Can you do a piece of art  showing this. This can be anything you like. Let your imagination fly!

Thursday Art/Science

Put any finishing touches to your art work from yesterday. Or if you did not manage to do one yesterday do one today! wink

Had to show Sophia's amazing butterfly report and story writing off. Well done Sophia. Would love for more animal reports to be sent in. We have one thin class book! Thank you to parents for continuing to send in examples of your child's learning.

Year 1 stars of the week are...

As we did not have the best of weather last week it may have put some people off from doing the bird watch but it's not too late! We are going to have better weather I believe so please spare half an hour to sit back and watch out for our feathered friends. Count how many of each you can see and send your results to us. Our aim is to find out which is the most popular bird in the Bellevue area.

This week we are going to be authors and write our very own class book about animals. Even though we are apart this is a lovely way for us all to come together.   You can choose that animal that really interests you. It can be anything from a tiny, wriggly caterpillar to an enormous, angry elephant. How exciting!

We hope you enjoy your on-line learning this week.


Home timetable 15/6/2020

Monday 15th June 2020

Please read this book about different animals. The authors are now in year 5. They wrote their very own non-chronological report about an animal of their choice when they were in year 1. We hope you enjoy it.

Monday spellings

Tuesday spellings

Please continue to read some more of the animal book.  Share it with an adult or a brother or sister.

Wednesday spellings

Start thinking of which animal you would like to research. Look in this or other books for ideas. Then write some interesting facts about that animal. 

Thursday spellings

Can you now put all your interesting facts about your chosen animal into a report. You can hand write it or use a computer. Do not forget some pictures. When it is finished can an adult send it to us and we can put them all together to make our very own class book just like the one you have been reading.

Friday spelings

Today we would like you to be an artist!  Be creative and draw, paint or use different materials to represent your chosen animal. We would love photos of these too.

Here are some pictures of 1BT from this week. It looks like everyone has enjoyed our bird topic and you have all worked very hard. We are missing you all lots!

Thank you to parents for taking the time to send in photos. It is lovely to see the children's faces. We are missing seeing you all so much.

Year 1 stars of the week

Don't forget to do your Bellevue bird watch year 1's. Thank you to those who have sent their results to us smiley.

Shared reading: My first book of garden birds. Please enjoy sharing this book together

Wednesday 10/6

Garden bird watch. Please send your results in to us and we will find out which is the most common garden bird in Bellevue!

Count how many birds you can see in half an hour.
Find lots of facts about your favourite bird.
Now use the facts you found out about your favourite bird yesterday to write a report on it. Can you draw and colour the bird.  
We hope you have enjoyed your on-line learning this week.  Please remember to send in how many different birds you saw in your garden and send the results to us. We will add them all together and will let you know the result of the most popular garden bird in Bellevue. Have a lovely weekend and take care. May the sun shine! smiley

Thank you so much to parents for sending in examples of your child's learning. Their smiling faces brighten our days too! It is lovely to see Ruby and Jamie settling back into school. Well done to Ruby and Rose for completing their mile a day challenge and raising so much money for Eden Valley Hospice. Well done girls and such a kind thing to do at this time.

Here are some photographs of some of the amazing things class 1BT have been doing this week. It looks like everyone has been enjoying our fishy topic! It was also lovely to receive photographs of Theo back at school completing his work and hearing how well he has settled. We are so proud of every single one of you and miss you so much!

Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a good week off and been able to enjoy some of this amazing weather we have been having.  This week we will be continuing with our animal topic and learning about fish.  We hope you enjoy learning all about these slippery creatures! 

Please continue to take care, look after each other and be happy. We look forward to the day we are all together again. 

Sending much love, 

Mrs Temple, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Vorley and Mrs Keal


Monday spellings

Alternative maths. Only to do if previously done above.

Tuesday spellings

Tuesday shared reading- all about the Blue Whale.

Alternative maths. Only to do if previously done above.

Wednesday spellings

Shared reading- The great white shark!

Alternative maths. Only to done if previously done above.

Shared reading- Orange clownfish

Thursday spellings

Friday spellings

A huge thank you to Class 1BT for all of your work this week and throughout lockdown. I am so proud of the effort you are putting into your home learning. Now is time for a well-earned, restful half term of making memories with your family. Remember to keep safe and keep smiling. Missing you more than you know!

Thank you for sharing some great learning 1CL. House points are adding up! We hope you have a fantastic half term holiday. May the sun shine!

Year one's super stars this week are...

Welcome to our last week of half term.  The week beginning the 25th of May will be a holiday week. May the sun shine! You will notice a slight change to our year group page. The timetable has still been put on to give you an overview of the learning that  week.  To make it more straightforward we have now divided the learning into days of the week. It would be good to get your feedback as to whether you think this is more helpful or not.

We have loved speaking with you  over the phone and look forward to the day when we can see you all in person.  In the meantime please stay well and take care of each other.  

With all our love from the Year 1 team.

Timetable week commencing 18.5.20

Shared reading- fabulous frogs! Enjoy this text all about the lifecycle of a frog!

Mrs Temple's tadpoles

Still image for this video
Mrs Temple now has 3 pet tadpoles! I will keep uploading photographs to show how the tadpoles are changing every day. I have 3 tadpoles and we feed them chopped up cucumber which they seem to enjoy. You will see from the video that they are coming to the surface more often as they need more oxygen, preparing themselves for when they can leave the water entirely!

Year 1 stars of the week

The hit the button champion this week is Jessica R! She is an unstopable force with a highly impressive score of 53!! Well done Jessica! You are a maths whizz!

Thank you 1CL for sending in your photos of some super learning this week. They are great to share and see your lovely work and faces. Don't forget house points are being added on for all your working.

Some fabulous pictures of Class 1BT's home learning this week! Thank you! We are extremely proud of all of you!

Timetable for week beginning Monday the 11th May.

Shared reading text: Reptiles

Shared reading plan- reptiles

Please do not feel that children have to do these. They are on only for those children that feel very confident with their maths and want a challenge.Remember it is the first yellow problem only. The second problem is for the children in KS2

Here is an additional creative learning timetable with a maths twist this time. Just in case anyone is lost for something to do! Don't forget 3 house points for any challenge completed.

Year one stars...

Year 1's hit the button champion this week is Jessica with a very impressive high score of 48! Rocco is following closely behind with a high score of 39! I wonder who will be the champion next week?

Another busy week for Class 1BT this week! I am so impressed with all of the different activities you have been doing at home. The teaching staff in Year 1 have enjoyed talking to the parents and children this week and if you havent received a phone call yet then I will be phoning next week. It is always lovely to hear your voices over the phone. Take care and have a lovely weekend :)

Again I know all staff have loved talking with you and parents, in 1CL, this week. You have put a smile on our faces and even created a few tears. Missing you all terribly. We look forward to speaking to more of you next week. In the meantime please enjoy looking at these fantastic photos. You are all amazing!

Loving that more photos have been sent in of different mini-beasts that have been found in gardens. Keep sending them in.

Creative home learning menu

Welcome to the Year 1 home learning page! 

Thank you so much for all the children that took part in the amazing video that you did for all the Bellevue staff.  It was so lovely to see you all and brought a few tears to some eyes!  We look forward to the day we see you in person. In the meantime we will be speaking to you again over the next two weeks. This time all the year 1 team will be involved with the phone calls. I wonder who will be phoning you?!  

We hope you enjoy your on-line learning this week.

With all our love.

From the year 1 team.






On-line learning for week beginning Monday 4th May. Don't forget to log onto the 2 on-line websites (in science section). We think you will love them!

Maths activities week commencing 4/5/2020

Here are some additional maths problems for those of you that want to be challenged! Good luck! Please remember, it is the first part of the problem only. The second part of each problem is aimed at KS2 children.

Thank you again for all of the fabulous work that has been going on this week. Here our Year 1 stars of the week but remember you are ALL stars and we miss you all lots!

Well done Jessica for being overall hit the button champion this week! Well done also to Amelia and Jake for following close behind. So very sorry for the mix up Jessica, Amelia and Jake. Even teachers can get it wrong!

Overall Maths Star! Jessica sorry for the mix up!

Rose, Ruby and their sister Eve setting off on their daily 1 mile challenge. Everyday in the month of May they aim to complete 1 mile to raise money for the Eden Valley Hospice. What a lovely, kind thing to do, to help people less fortunate than themselves as well as keeping fit! Please contact the family if you would like to support them. Well done girls and good luck!

We have had some super writers, mathematicians, readers, artists, seed growers and bakers this week in 1CL. Most importantly, you are evidently having fun! Well done everyone and thank you for sending in.

Photos of Class 1BT's home learning this week! Again, we are overwhelmed by the amount of photos we have been sent and it is lovely getting to see photographs of our lovely class having fun at home. Thank you

Year 1 stars of the week

Please go into home learning timetable for maths palnning. These maths problems are  tricky, so only do if you feel confident and want to have a try. Please remember it is the first problem only. The second is for KS2 children.

Day 2 Maths Problem This has been put on as a possible extra activity for you. Only if you feel you are up for a challenge!

The 3rd problem is for those children who feel very confident with working with groups of 5 and are ready for a challenge. Please remember it is the 1st problem only. The second problem is for the big kids in KS1!

Year 1 spellings week commencing 27/4/20

Here is a selection of some of the fantastic home learning that has been going on in Year one this week! We love receiving pictures of the children so please keep them coming and thank you for all of your hard work :)

Home learning timetable (week commencing 20/4/20)

A very difficult decision this week and I am very proud of everyone in Class 1BT but Class 1BT's star of the week goes to... Thomas Butler (to be shared with his mum) for all of their hard work!

1CL's Star of the Week is....Jake McDermott for his super contribution of his on-line learning! Well done Jake. You look like you are having lots of fun doing all kinds of different learning too!

Here is a selection of some of the amazing work received from Class 1BT this week! Well done! It has been lovely chatting to you this week...

Super working Jake. Lovely writing and alien making!

1CL have  been busy bees too! Great spelling, writing and alien making! Come on 1CL I would love to see someone sending in their science prediction and/or maths.

Wow Tyler what fantastic handwriting and some good spelling too!

More Alien making! This time from Halle-rose.

Love it Halle-rose!

Darcie's Mr Squeeze

Love your Mr Squeeze Darcie!

Year 1 weekly timetable Tuesday 14th April 2020

Toys in space (apologies for the story being spread over so many powerpoints but we were unable to upload all of the pictures onto one file.)

Class 1CL's stars of the week are...

Class 1BT's star of the week is...

Wow Jessica l love your alien! We would love to see lots of different versions. What different materials can you use? Let your imaginations fly!

Thought this would be of interest. We follow Read Write Inc at school and there are video lessons to support children with learning their sounds. Let us know what you think. Set 2 and set 3 will be most suited to Year 1. Thank you :)

Thank you for all the super suggestions about the seed photograph and 2 house points to you. Yes we are going to be doing some gardening. I have planted lots so we can put them in our school garden when they grow. We are also going to do a science experiment. I have planted a sunflower, pea, bean and cucumber seed in each pot. We would like you to think of what you would like to investigate about the seeds and we would like you to share these ideas please.

First each seed put in a pot of compost.
Then each watered and put in a warm place.

Luca has been very busy this week, from making reading dens with his big sister and little brother, to creating his own obstacle course! Well done Luca!

Here are some lovely pictures to brighten up anyone's day! Jamie has been doing all kinds of different acivities at home including, making a beautiful rainbow for his window, cleaning and sorting his garden toys, creating his own obstacle course,, building using lego and writing cards to his Nana to say how much he is missing her! Keep up the good work Jamie. We are so proud of you!

Lily-Mae has been working hard at home. Here is some of the work she been busy with. Well done Lily-Mae!

Some more fantastic work from Taylor. She has started keeping a diary of what she has been up to. This will be treasured for ever and shared by many I'm sure!

Wow Jessica what amazing chalk mosaic artwork. I love this outdoor learning!

Wow Ruby you have been busy! I love your rainbows and yoour Wonderdoll writing! Keep sending them in : )

More amazing rainbows

More creative working with big sister!

Another Lovely rainbow and a toad! So pleased you are continuing your amazing artwork Jessica. An artist in the making!

A lovely rainbow painting from Thomas to brighten up our day! Thank you Thomas :) Thomas has also started doing his own little project all about space. He knows so many interesting facts and I have asked if he can share these with me. Thank you Thomas!

Look at the wonderful work Harriet has been doing at home. Some fantastic maths, spelling and literacy work! Well done Harriet! Keep up the good work :)

Tegan's amazing writing as part of our 'Toys in Space' text! Thank you for sharing this with us. We love to see the work you have been doing at home!

Amelia has really enjoyed thinking about the alien character in the Toys in space story and thinking of words to describe him. Well done Amelia and thank you for sharing this with us!