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Welcome to Year 4's Home Learning Page

Star of the Week 17th July 2020

Star of the Week 4RT
Star of the Week 4DA

Hello Year 4!


Can you believe it is the last day of Year 4? Where has the year gone! Miss Airey and I have been reminiscing on the fantastic year we have had with you all. We are really proud of you and we know your will all continue to shine in Year 5. Enjoy your well-deserved summer break and we look forward to seeing you again in September! 


Take care, stay safe,keep smiling and r-e-l-a-x! smiley


Mrs Townsend, Miss Airey, Mrs Doyle, Mrs Allen & Ms Brown X


** Book Reviews ** Try these fantastic books recommended by Y4.

The Fox and The Ghost King by Michael Morpurgo
Sparrow by Michael Morpurgo

Amber's Own Story based on the story, 'The Impossibly Possible Bookshop!'

Still image for this video
Sit back, relax and enjoy Amber's story which she wrote herself :)

Home Learning Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Home Learning Final Week Activities

Reading Comprehension - Female Mountaineers Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Spelling Activities for Week Beginning July 6th 2020 - Homophones

Belle Vue Summer Reading Challenge Information

Talk 4 Writing English Booklet - The Impossibly Possible Bookshop!

Want to keep fit and active? Join in daily at 9.00am with Joe Wick's PE workouts which are a great way to start the day. Here is the link: - It can be accessed all day not just at 9.00am. 

Stars of the Week 10th July 2020

4DA's Star of the Week
4RT's Star of the Week

Star of the Week 3rd July 2020

4DA's Star of the Week
4RT's Star of the Week

Stars of the Week 26th June 2020

4DA's Star of the Week
4RT's Star of the Week

Star of the Week 19th June 2020

Star of the Week 12th June 2020

Star of the Week Friday 5th June 2020

4RT's Star of the Week
4DA's Star of the Week

Star of the Week 22nd May 2020

4DA's Star of the Week
4RT's Star of the Week

Star of the Week 15th May 2020

4RT's Star of the Week
4DA's Star of the Week

Maddie's amazing singing!

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Breanna's video explaining 'a sweetcorn's journey through the digestive system'.

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Summer 2 Final Week Home Learning Celebrations!

Evie's Maths
End of year reflections.
Simon and Oskar at Stone Henge
Another Miss Berry in the making!
Looks yummy, Evie.
Thatched houses on Simon's trip.
Having an amazing adventure!

Summer 2 Week 6 Home Learning Celebrations!

Rory's tasty birthday cake for Chester!
Recipe if anyone would like to make the cake!
Evie's creativity is shining through.
Libby's super alliteration menu!
A congratulations card - very sweet.
Maisie exploring!
Miss Mary Berry herself
Trampoline fun
Reading for pleasure
French time!
Joe Wick's fitness.
Breanna's Goblin's suitcase
Matthew's completed story! Wow
continued ...
and some more ...
Impressive Popart Evie!
Breanna getting her bake on.
Homophone work! tricky!
Samuel's finished story! Wow!
Super work by Samuel.
And even more!

Summer 2 Week 5 Home Learning Celebrations.

Amber's lovely poem!
Breanna's fab maths!
Evie W's collection of work!
Libby's goblin world!
Libby's pic collage!
Matthew's busy baking!
Matthew's poem work!
Rory's home learning buddy!
Samuel enjoying his learning!
Samuel's three little pigs goblin world!

Summer 2 Week 4 Home Learning Celebrations!

Kian and his brothers enjoying the beautiful sun.
Theo reached the top of Blencathra.
What a lovely picture!
What fantastic views!
Theo at the top of Blencathra.
Breanna completing the VIPER's reading questions.
Yagmur's super maths work!
Freya's science experiment!
Having fun :)
'Making poo'
More of Yagmur's maths.
Olly has been working very hard.
More of Olly's super work.
Olly's completed maths work.
Evie enjoyed her day out with her family.
Evie's very creative clown fish mosaic.
Evie busy working away.
Fraser enjoying our English unit.
Breanna's English work.
Learning on Islam.
Breanna's creative Goblin garden.
Freya's sweetcorn journey writing.
Freya's super English work.

Summer Week 3 Home Learning Celebrations!

Super digestive work.
Evie making 'poo'.
More 'poo' pictures
Matthew's super digestive system work!
Matthew's digestion work.
An impressive 'bug hotel' Evie.
Maths work.
Libby's artistic drawings.
Libby's drawings.
Evie's nature tree patterns.
More super maths work.
Breanna's making 'poo'.
Having a little nibble.
Breanna working hard.
Science experiment.
Matthew doing a science experiment.
Super Maths!
Olly's fab work!
Amber's amazing sweetcorn journey diary.

Summer 2 Week 2 Learning Celebrations!

Samuel H receiving a Blue Peter Badge- WOW!
Rory's fab food chain work!
Thomas' super bug hotel!
Olly enjoying chess with his dad!
Matthew enjoying debating scientific terminology!
Izzy's fab home made bird boxes- made with dad!
Evie W's amazing painted pebbles
Evie D's fab skeleton work!
Breanna's bug hotel!
Breanna working very hard.
Matthew debating about food chains with his mum
Maisie's maths
More maths!
Super matching of definitions.
Evie's beautifully drawn food chain.
Evie helping with the washing up.
Food chain work.
Very creative!
Olly's food chain diagram.
Vocabulary work.
Mia working hard on her maths.
Getting his sister involved in the learning too.

Summer 2 Week 1 Home Learning Celebrations!

Thomas working hard on his apostrophe work!
Matthew's geography learning!
Breanna's learning on time zones!
Fraser's super work on his local area
Alfie's hole in one playing golf with Mr Jenkinson
Lewis and his brother set up for their Sleepout.
Lewis' outdoor bed set up for the evening.
Lewis took part in the CEO Sleepout for charity.
Fraser's reading hideout!
Breanna's apostrophe work.
Olly's Super Maths.
Olly's spelling work.
Thomas busy doing his geography map work.
Thomas' map work.
Evie's super maths work on fractions.
Fabulous Maths!
Fraser's map work :)
Evie doing some baking.
Evie painting stones!
Fraser's maths work on fractions.
Matthew collecting nature items on his walk.
Bertie helping Matthew collect nature items.
Matthew's Nature Collage
Super spelling work.
What a beautiful day !
Maisie on her walk.
Maisie helping with hoovering the house.
Wow, look at this deer!
Maisie with her painting stones.
Maisie enjoying walks with her family.
Evie's finished masterpiece.
Evie baking some tasty treats.

Summer Term Home Learning Celebrations Week 6

Samuel making some delicious peanut butter cookies
Samuel's stone painting
Yum Yum!
Good job!
Evie and her sis making homemade pizzas!
Evie D at the top of Blencathra!
Breanna getting help from big sister!
Science task completed by Olly!
Saffron enjoying a book in the garden!
Olly's science task on Penguins!
Libby's fab newspaper report
Matthew's amazing science work!
More of Matthew's science work!
Maisie completing her reading challenge!
Breanna's science learning!
Breanna enjoying her cooking!
Breanna's maths learning!
Freya's newspaper report!

Summer Term Home Learning Celebrations Week 5

Evie collected some tadpoles.
Collecting tadpoles.
Yagmur's maths.
Breanna's Maths.
Olly's super musical instrument.
Samuel's fabulous story.
Evie enjoyed a bike ride with her dad.
Samuels excellent finished news report.
More super learning.
Matthew's guitar.
Maisie enjoying a walk around Carlisle!
Maisie taking in the views around Carlisle!
Olly's fab maths learning!
Breanna learning a new skill: Beatbox
Breanna making biscuits!
Breanna choosing to read somewhere different!
Evie D working hard on her maths!
Fez working with money in her maths learning!
Ruby A enjoying her reading esp Roald Dahl!
Ruby C's amazing version of the poem The Magic Box

Summer Term Week 4 Home Learning Celebrations

Freya's work on habitats.
Martha's fabulous rivers work
Shaya loved bug hunting.
Rory's fantastic writing about penguins.
Breanna's work on habitats.
Rory enjoyed his science task classifying animals.
Evie showing her creative side.
Olly's super habitat work!
Evie's VE Day cake!
Breanna enjoyed making a cake for her cousin.
More maths from Evie.
Matthew's homemade VE bunting and decorations.
Evie's decorations for VE Day.
Shaya's amazing technology project- WOW!
Fraser's fab continent learning!
Breanna completing her Carroll diagram!
Maddie's delicious scones!
Amber's amazing The Magic Box poem!
Breanna's great maths learning!
Brooke's fab Harry Potter themed board game!
Evie D, her sister and family enjoying camping!
Evie W's collection of super home learning!
Freya's home learning on oceans and continents!
Jack's fab Carroll and Venn diagrams to classify!
Lewis using a globe for his geography learning!
Louie D making flags for VE Day!
Maisie using her whiteboard for maths learning!
Matthew making rafts from twigs and lego!
Olly's fab maths learning!
Theo enjoying his science learning!
Yagmur's maths learning!
Olly's habitat work.

Summer Term Home Learning Celebrations Week 3

New purchases of books by Matthew.
Maddie busy working.
Libby's spellings.
Breanna's jigsaw.
Maddie working hard on her writing!
Super wordsearch.
Thomas' recycling monster.
Olly and his compass.
Breanna baking a cake.
Breanna's completed cake.
Saffron working hard!
Izzy completing her maths.
Matthew taking part in Cub Camp in his garden!
Great reading from Libby.
Paper mache globe!
Olly's continents work.
Evie D's superb Magic Box poem!
Then using a compass to find where they are!
Breanna working hard on her maths!
Breanna's amazing paper mache globe!
Followed by her world ocean quiz!
Emily and Connor working together!
Emily helping with tea!
Breanna identifying the continents!
Evie W's world made from shortbread!
Evie W tasting her continents!
Izzy enjoying checking on the blackbird nest!
Izzy working hard in her den!
Izzy's water cycle learning!
Jack's fab work on Europe!
Libby's word searching using her spellings!
Libby's learning on Australia!
Louie's fab learning on Africa!
Maisie reading in her den!
Libby's poem.
Great poetry skills, Thomas.
Olly's homemade compass.
Feranmi learning about the World's continents.
Maisie's maths learning!
Matthew's fab continents and oceans learning!
Matthew's recycling learning!
Rory working hard while Dexter keeps watch!
Ruby A's amazing maths learning!
Yagmur's fab rounding work!
Zaidyn's hub log!

Summer Term Home Learning Celebrations Week 2

Shaya's incredible model of the water cycle
Shaya's amazing model from a different angle.
Shaya's learning about the different clouds.
Thomas' superb recycling model!
Thomas' amazing water cycle report!
Samuel's superb model!
Samuel's fantastic report on the water cycle!
Matty working hard on his water cycle report!
Matthew's fantastic water cycle report
Maddie enjoying her learning!
Libby's amazing water cycle learning!
Lewis learning how to do Sudoko!
Izzy's super work on plastic polution!
Evie W busy making afternoon tea!
Freya's recycling tally chart!
Evie D's own jigsaw board game!
Evie's dad trying out her fab game!
Breanna's water cycle report!
Shaya's impressive learning on the water cycle!
Jessica working hard creating her board game!
Jessica's family enjoying playing her game!
Theo B's amazing water cycle work!
Freya collecting recycling data!
Fez working on her TTRS!
Olly's water cycle work!
Olly's amazing work with edits and improvement!
Louie D's superb pollution poster!
Saffron doing her maths learning!
Evie W using real money in her maths learning!
AMber's informative poster on pollution
Jack's super sports word search!
Jessica's fab obstace course!
Louie D's beautifully presented work!
Maisie helping to hang the washing out!
Olly's fantastic robot! Brilliant!
Ruby's amazing work on the water cycle!
Simon working hard on his home learning
Thomas's amazing river diagram!
Evie W measuring the length of a blue whale!
Yagmur working hard on her maths!

Home Learning Celebrations Summer Term!

Thomas T working hard on his water cycle.
Thomas working through his list of activities!
Theo B enjoying painting in the garden!
Theo B enjoying getting out and some fresh air!
Samuel T working hard on his English learning!
Samuel T's amazing maths!
Noah reading in his den!
Noah enjoying spending time doing origami!
A paper aeroplane competition by Noah! Which won?
Mia working hard on her home learning!
Louie D's reading comprehension!
Jessica learning new life skills after Joe Wicks!
Izzy's superb Lego creation
Izzy practising her spellings in the sand!
Izzy busy baking!
Evie W getting creative learning her spellings!
Evie W enjoying a comic outside!
Breanna & her sister writing letters to care home!
Breanna's family with their letters! Love this!
Evie D's maths and spellings!
Beautifully presented maths work by Matty!
Imogen's amazing factsheet on the River Yensei!
Brooke working hard on her maths! Great job!
More hard work from Brooke
Evie D enjoying a new book!
Jay working hard while enjoying the sunshine!
Kian reading Gangster Granny to his brother!
Kian with his salt dough creation that he painted!
Louis working hard so that he can enjoy the sun!
Noah working hard and trying his best!- Superstar!
Ruby researching what float or sinks!
Ruby's wildlife word search!
Evie W working hard on her learning!
Saffron enjoying reading 'The Bolds'
Samuel's amazing Lego creations!
Samuel's impressive tree house!
Amber's busy department store! We love it!
Jessica working hard this morning!
Jack learning a new skill! Good job!
Matthew A's amazing work- busy bee!
some more of Matthew A's work
and some more
and some more! Fantastic Matthew
Learning a new skill - Ironing!
Learning a new skill - Ironing
Supporting each other on a task
Matty busy with his maths!
Maddie working hard
Lots of reading taking place :)
Super maths, Maddie!
Wordsearch using this week's spellings
JJ working hard on his English!
Reading comprehension linked to The Water Cycle
Matthew doing well to resist the choc eggs!
A lego masterpiece!

Home Learning Celebrations Spring Term!

Samuel's Rain Gauge
Samuel's Rivers Geography Work
Weather Chart
Samuel's Lego Creation!
TTRS & Snack for Simon
Simon's Rain Gauge
Simon getting arty!
Completing Reading Bingo
Homemade Table! Very impressive!
Shaya's River Model - WOW!
Freya designing and making a bird box!
In process ...
It's finished!
Well done, Freya.
Thomas working hard on his home learning
Matthew's fantastic river's poster with a flap!
Louie getting a 2 in 1 on the reading challenge!
The finished piece! Thomas' amazing river work!
Samuel's learning on rivers
And another page
Homemade word search by Samuel
Feranmi giving her fluent in 5 a big thumbs up!
Evie's non-chronological report on rivers!
Amber getting active in the garden!
Amber's river poster- we love it!
Saffron enjoying the sun and learning outdoors!
Saffron's fantastic river learning.
Samuel reading and keeping busy!
Olly's fantastic learning on rivers- great job!
Another page from Olly about the Carlisle floods.
Olly's rain gauge ready for when it does rain.
Ruby persisted with her spellings and improved!
Ruby's amazingly presented river work!
Yagmur's fantastic maths learning!
Another page of Yagmur's fantastic maths learning!
Libby's fluent in five completed for the day!
Milly enjoying a book read by Louie! Love it!
Saffron working hard on her spellings and maths!
Evie persisted with her maths! Great job!
Sewing time!
Kayla's variety of spelling activities- fantastic!
Jay doing his home learning! Great job!
Loving Amber reading in her den!
Superb river research with a diagram too!! Fab!
Libby reading in her den! We think it is fab!
Saffron doing her IseeMaths learning with objects!
Evie creating her rainbow pictures! Amazing!
Evie's beautifully presented IseeMaths learning!
Evie getting creative whilst learning her spelling
Ruby enjoying reading in her den! Excellent work!
Matthew has completed his rain gauge! We love it.
What a fantastic rain gauge!
5/5! Well done, Maisie - you star.
Baking with Evie! They look tasty :)
Libby's completed Fluent in 5!
Great home learning! Well done, Saffron.
Spelling pyramids - super spelling practise, Libby