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Blended Home Learning Year 6

week beginning Monday 29th March, 2021

Home Learning wb Mon 29th  March, 2021


Please find below links, worksheets and activities for those of you who are shielding or unable to be in school with us at the moment.


As usual, if you have any queries, then please email the Year 6 staff at the following email address: 


A member of the Yr6 staff will try to respond to you as soon as we can. Please don't feel as though you need to photograph and send in all of your completed work, but it would be lovely to see at least 1 piece of your work that you feel particularly proud of each week. 

WRITING - The City of Silence Pie Corbett


Figurative Language - Natural Curriculum - The Springbok


Revising division

Maths Challenge by Choice Yr6


Below here you will find a variety of maths challenges to occupy you, should you choose. They vary in challenge, but should be accessible to everybody in Yr6. 


We hope you enjoy trying to attempt, solve and answer them as much as I did finding them!


This is a 14 day challenge from Dream Big Sports. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity and exercise can have a positive effect on our mental health. This and many other well-documented benefits of physical activity are the main reasons Dream Big Sports feel it is vital your child continues to take part in physical activity whilst at home.


This diary contains one activity per day for a 14-day self-isolation period, in addition, there is also a cross-curricular

activity per day relating to core subjects such as English, Maths and Science.


If your child is in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) they should try to complete the activities individually but you could be on

hand should they need any support.

Towards the back of the diary, there is a page with additional activities called the ‘Wellbeing Wall’. This provides 14

additional activities to support your child’s wellbeing throughout the isolation period.


Finally, we have a bank of FREE activities and resources online that you can access by visiting

PE - Active at Home 14 day Challenge

Yr6 Book Club


Our book club continues and we currently have several chapters saved in the Year 6 Book Club teams page. We will continue to upload chapters as the week progresses. 


You will find each day’s book video on the new Year 6 Book Club teams page. We will be using the chat function as part of the book club to have a blether about books (see the definition below). Please do ensure that all chat is polite, respectful and relating to the book we are having a blether about. We are really excited about our book club and cannot wait to hear what you have to say about our book!


Blether: An informal and friendly conversation group for discussing interesting subjects. In our case interesting reading conversations.


We also have a ​​​​​Book Recommendation channel where you can share your favourite books. You will find this channel in our Book Club team. We are looking forward to seeing what books you recommend!