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Year 6

AutumnTerm 2022

Home Learning


If you are having to self-isolate, then please find details and links below with worksheets and activities for you to engage with and complete. Some of the tasks directly relate to work that we have already started in school, others are consolidation activities.


For the first Autumn term,our main topic focus is World War II. For further curriculum information please see our Yr6 curriculum map in the 'About Us' section of the school website under the curriculum tab.


If there is anything that we can help you with throughout the year then you can use the year group email below:


Many thanks,


The Yr6 Team

Blended Home Learning Year 6

Autumn 2022





For our writing, please download the Pie Corbett writing booklet called:                    Gadgets.

There are step by step instructions, guidance and activities to complete each day.

Writing - Pie Corbett Gadgets



Please follow the link below to the Natural Curriculum.


On the main page  you will find that there are links to 18 different objectives relating to the Yr6 grammar curriculum. Choose an objective that you feel as though you need to revise in order to understand it better, or an objective that you feel as though you don't understand at all. 


Complete work as follows:

Monday – learning objective section

Tuesday – the Grammar bit

W/Th – whiteboard challenges

               This section is split over two days as there are several different activities to complete. Please DO NOT feel you need to print off the sheets. Children can just complete in an exercise book or on paper.








Year 6 Reading Comprehension Work  - Blended learning

All the reading units are from Oak National Academy.


  • oak national academy year 6
  • then English

Please follow the link and then there are videos to watch and activities to complete.




Maths - White Rose


Here are a few maths tasks for you to tackle. For these tasks you will need to apply your fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills to successfully complete them.


For the remainder of the Spring Term we will be learning about the following areas:

- Percentages

- Measurement - converting units

- Algebra


Follow the link below to the Oak National Academy for lessons covering these areas








For this 1/2 of term, we are using Africa as the stimulus for a lot of our learning. Below here, you will find information, tasks and challenges to help you broaden your knowledge of this vast continent.


We have been learning about South Africa, apartheid and Nelson Mandela. Below is a ppt presentation split into 3 parts. Each part has a task associated with it to help broaden your understanding of what the apartheid regime in South Africa meant and how Nelson Mandela had a significant influence on the fight against apartheid and racism.




Once again, our science topic has a link to our Africa topic as we are learning about adaptations. We will be looking at the conditions in different environments and the characteristics that animals have that help them to survive.


Follow the link below to a series of 6 lessons ( 1 per week) by the Oak National Academy for Yr6 


This term we are looking at improving our coding skills. To help you get used to the language of coding, have a go at creating your very own dance party by assembling some 'blocks' of code.


Click on the link below to work through the levels. Can you get all the way to Level 10?