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Year 6

Autumn Term 2021


Welcome to our Year 6 class page. We are really looking forward to working with our new classes and are excited for the upcomimg year ahead.  For our blended home learning,please find below links, worksheets and activities for you to engage with and complete, where possible if you are having to learn from home as opposed to school. Some of the tasks directly relate to work that we have already started in school, others are consolidation activities


For this term, our PE days will be on a Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that children have appropriate PE kit for the weather as we will be teaching indoors and outdoors. Can you ensure that children with their ears pierced have a plaster to cover their ears with for PE or are able to take their own earings out?


Homework will be sent home on a Monday. We would like it to be returned into school by the following Monday so that it can be checked and marked ready for the new set of work to be put in folders. From 13th September onwards, homework will include: reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and maths. Children have been encouraged to approach the teaching and support staff with any queries or concerns they have regarding the homework set.We would be extremely grateful for your support to ensure that homework is completed. 


This term our main topic focus is World War 2. For further curriculum information please see our Yr6 curriculum map in the 'About Us' section of the school website under the curriculum tab.


If there is anything that we can help you with throughout the year then you can use the year group email below:


Many thanks,


The Yr6 Team

Blended Home Learning Year 6

September, 2021





For our writing, please download the Pie Corbett writingbooklet called Gadgets.

There are step by step instructions, guidance and activities to complete each day.

Writing - Pie Corbett Gadgets



Please follow the link to the Natural Curriculum as follows:

Complete work as follows:

Monday – learning objective section

Tuesday – the Grammar bit

W/Th – whiteboard challenges

               This section is split over two days as there are several different activities to complete. Please DO NOT feel you need to print off the sheets. Children can just complete in an exercise book or on paper.




Semi-colons/leopard seal


Colons – flying fish


Dictionary skills- giant Pacific octopus


Figurative language - springbok


Relative clauses- banana frog


Using a thesaurus- sponge





Shared Reading


Download the ppt and follow the information, instructions and questions on the slides. The reading for this term is closely linked to our World War II topic.




Here are a few maths tasks for you to tackle. For these tasks you will need to apply your fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills to successfully complete them. They are linked to the objectives and steps that we are currently following in class.





Maths Challenge by Choice Yr6


Below here you will find a variety of maths challenges to occupy you, should you choose. They vary in challenge, but should be accessible to everybody in Yr6. 


We hope you enjoy trying to attempt, solve and answer them as much as I did finding them!