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Since September 2014, the new National Curriculum made the learning of languages compulsory for pupils in Year 3 and above. As a school, we aim to provide/expose our children to languages from the moment they begin their school journey at Belle Vue Primary School. To achieve this, we provide vibrant and lively lessons where games and songs are amongst the many language acquisition activities taught in Reception to Year 6. We aim to offer students a series of valuable experiences that cover the different aspects of learning (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing). 

Fun fact: The name ‘Belle Vue’ translates directly into French as ‘Beautiful View’.


Please see the skills map document below, which shows the skills progression starting in Reception and going right through to Year 6.

As a school we use Primary Languages Network’ as our French scheme of work. We aim to immerse pupils in the language through their lessons, multi-lingual signage around the school building and a day off timetable in the Summer Term where the children learn 'All about France'. This will involve pupils taking part in cross-curricular activities including, D&T: sampling/making French food, geography: answering the question 'where is France?', art: focusing on French artists, music: listening and learning French songs. 

Further details of our approach to the teaching of French and how we use Primary Languages Network can be found in our French Policy below.

KS2 Pupils can practise key skills at home through the interactive scheme of work/knowledge organiser document below. (Click on the links to view key content taught throughout Year 3-Year 6)


Please enjoy the following slideshow showing some examples of French around Belle Vue Primary School...

1JA singing the French numbers song 🤩

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1JA rating one of their French pastries

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The children enjoyed tasting the chocolate or plain crepes and the pain au chocolat. They then rated them either with ca va mal (it's bad) comme ci comme ca (so-so; neither good nor bad) or tres bien (Good! Very good).

1JA snack time story

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This term our topic has been traditional tales, with a focus on Little Red Riding Hood. The children enjoyed listening to 'le petit Chaperon rouge' and followed the story well using pictures and the occasional French word they had previously learned. E.g rouge = red.

New French signs 🇫🇷 (Semptember 2022)