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Science teaching at Belle Vue Primary School aims to provide children with opportunities to be curious about the world around them. It is our intention to encourage and enable children to ask questions about the world, as well as to develop the skills and confidence necessary in how to go about finding answers to these questions.

We try to ensure children are excited and intrigued by the topics, through varied and exciting, practical activities, investigations and enquiries. We strive to take our learning outdoors and make the most of our wonderful environment and local area. We aim to integrate Science across the curriculum, linking themes from other topics or organised days, events and trips to the subject.

Our intentions for vocabulary in Science is to expose all pupils to year group specific language taken from our school’s knowledge and skills progression document. Pupils will be expected to use the vocabulary both verbally and in written form to discuss, reason and communicate about Science. The Science curriculum at Belle Vue is designed so that knowledge and skills are progressive and transferrable to other curriculum areas. Throughout their time at Belle Vue, pupils will be given regular opportunities to practice and apply their scientific skills. Teachers will use Science progression documents to plan lessons that build upon knowledge and skills and ensure there is a deep understanding of the concepts taught.


Progression of Skills and Knowledge


Our science curriculum is designed so that the skills of 'working scientifically' are continually built upon alongside pupils' knowledge of scientific concepts and vocabulary. The following documents outline how the strands of 'working scientifically' build across our school. 


'Post-it Note Planning'


To support pupils in fair and comparative tests, we use a 'post-it-note' planning approach. This supports pupils in developing their skills of asking questions, making predictions, controlling variables and drawing conclusions. 


Visits and Visitors

Working Scientifically

Science Ambassadors

A wonderful group of children have been appointed the role of Science Ambassador for our school. Science Ambassadors responsibilities will include: Attending meetings to discuss the ways we can improve Science, volunteering at the schools Science week and with other Science led activities and assisting other classes when setting up Science lessons. This role enables the pupils to have a voice about their learning, bringing their creative ideas to the table and to help create a whole school vision for Science.


This year's Science Ambassadors from Year 5&6 are: