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At Belle Vue Primary School we believe that high quality Oracy education is the key to equip children with the skills that they need to thrive in school and in life beyond. We aim for Oracy to be at the centre of our curriculum with children becoming confident and efficient at speaking and listening whilst developing their vocabulary so that they can engage in discussions about their learning with self-assurance. Oracy allows children to be active learners and develop their understanding through talk. It develops confidence, improves academic outcomes, fosters wellbeing and allows every child to fulfil their potential.


Belle Vue Primary School has worked alongside the Voice 21 Project since September 2020. We continue to work and develop with Voice 21 for the benefit of our children.

The Oracy Framework sets out the four main strands to be developed during a pupils time in school; Physical, Linguistic, Cognitive and Social and Emotional. In Early Years there is very much a focus on the physical aspect of speech and positive talk with regular opportunities being given to talk in partners or trios where children are scaffolded in the skills needed to be successful speakers and listeners. Subject specific vocabulary is used in all areas of the curriculum to support children's development whilst teachers and adults model effective talk and listening skills throughout school. 

Oracy Progression Map