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At Belle Vue Primary School we recognise that effective and timely assessment and feedback is a vital part of the learning process. We aim for feedback to be given regularly; tailored to the needs of individual children and be as close to the point of learning as possible.


Research shows that in the past, many schools have spent a disproportionate amount of time ‘deep marking’ work with extensive written feedback when there is little evidence that this has any significant impact on pupil progress. Studies such as the 2016 report by the Education Endowment Foundation show that, while evidence on the effectiveness of extensive written feedback is still inconclusive, there is some agreement that feedback is most effective when it is as close to the point of learning as possible and is dialogic in nature between teacher and learner. Therefore, in Belle Vue, it is not the quantity of feedback we value most: it is the quality.


We believe that effective assessment and feedback:

  • Occurs as close to the point of learning as possible;

  • Is followed by a direct action – for example a post-teach intervention or adaptations to the following lesson;

  • Gives children clear strategies on how they can improve their work;

  • Supports the retention of knowledge over time;

  • Positively reinforces children’s achievement and efforts.

  • Celebrates success whenever possible in order to raise self-esteem and encourages all children to work to their full potential.

  • Feedback is accessible to all pupils, including those with SEN.


Whist our approaches to assessment differ slightly depending on the subject, they remain grounded in the above principles. 


Further details of our our approaches to assessment and feedback can be found in our Assessment and Feedback Policy below:


Draft Assessment and Feedback Policy