Welcome to Belle Vue Primary School! We hope that our website provides the information you need. If not, do not hesitate to get in touch!
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Belle Vue Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Belle Vue Primary School. We look forward to meeting you in person, but in the meantime, we hope that this website provides a taste of our vibrant School Community.


We understand that choosing a Primary School for your child is an important decision. Through choosing Belle Vue you have our commitment that we will leave nothing to chance; together we will make this an enjoyable period in your child’s life.


Our staff are committed to ensuring we get to know each child as an individual; this process starts before your child’s first day, and is the beginning of a relationship that will build and grow as your child does in our care. We will work closely with you as parents during this time to ensure that your child’s learning journey is a successful and fulfilling one.


The Belle Vue staff are dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable. Your child will be challenged and supported to achieve across the full breadth of our exciting and individualised curriculum.


We also place great emphasis on nurturing our pupils’ growth as responsible citizens. Respect, tolerance, honesty and positive behaviour are expected at all times. We ensure all pupils play an active, positive part in their communities. We ensure all are listened to, all are valued, and through ongoing encouragement and celebrating individual successes, we develop pupils’ self-esteem.


Our school facilities are first class; we aim for all children to learn in the best possible environment. Our expansive grounds allow for a full range of extra-curricular activities and highly positive lunchtimes and playtimes.


Belle Vue is an inclusive school. We strive to achieve the highest standards for each and every child regardless of their starting points. Whatever your child’s individual circumstances, we aim to tailor a curriculum to meet their needs; one which facilitates enjoyment in learning and with equal opportunities for all.


On behalf of the pupils, staff, and Governors, I look forward to welcoming you to Belle Vue Primary School.


Mr. Andrew Cairns


Our Vision:  "A rich, supportive learning environment where aspirations are raised."


Our Mission: "Belle Vue is at the heart of our community, providing inspirational opportunities where all children achieve"


Our Core Goals:

  • At Belle Vue Primary School every child achieves.
  • To prepare our children for their futures through an inspirational and evolving Curriculum.
  • To stimulate learning through an enhanced school environment.


Our Aims:

Our aims were developed and agreed by pupils, staff, parents, and Governors.  They show our commitment to your child, as we continually work hard to ensure the very best experiences for each and every pupil who attends Belle Vue Primary School.


We aim for all of our pupils to:


  • be happy and enjoy school life
  • be safe and healthy
  • enjoy a broad and enriched curriculum
  • have high achievement
  • be proud to contribute to their communities
  • develop the skills that ensure a lifelong love of learning
  • behave appropriately and show respect for others and their environment
  • know that they will be listened to within a nurturing environment.
  • be able to recognise and celebrate their own strengths and those of others.