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Our Computing Curriculum


Our vision is for students to be proactive, rather than reactive, users of technology. With a well-structured and progressively sequenced approach, we ensure pupils at Belle Vue embark on a journey that evolves with their skills.

Our curriculum is broad, rich, and balanced, encompassing the three key stands of the National Curriculum alongside a clear focus on staying safe online. Through this, we aim to empower competent children, arming them with the skills and insights needed to both navigate and mould an ever-changing technological landscape.


The curriculum overview and progression document below shows the coverage of the National Curriculum's three main computing strands (computer science, information technology and digital literacy) across the year. Children will complete two units of computer science (programming) each year, as well as a broad range of units designed to develop their skills when using information technology. Digital literacy is covered in every half term: key skills are clearly sequenced and the E-Safety aspect is delivered through the Project Evolve curriculum. For this, the entire school (Y1-Y6) focusses on two strands per term. Teachers assess prior knowledge at the beginning of the term and use these results to deliver the most pertinent lessons that are relevant to their class. In addition to this, E-Safety is also highlighted during Safer Internet Day and Anti-Bullying Week each year, as well as being addressed in our JIGSAW/PSHE curriculum. At Belle Vue, we recognise the growing importance of navigating the online world safely, so have this at the forefront of our teaching in school. 

Computing Curriculum Overview