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Design and Technology

At Belle Vue Primary School, we believe that Design and Technology enhances our curriculum through engaging and immersing children in their learning.

The skills acquired in Design and Technology will serve our pupils well beyond their time in primary school. Careful decision making, evaluating their own work, making decisions as and when needed and taking on feedback are all skills acquired and practised through Design and Technology which children will utilise throughout their lives.

Children have the opportunity to design and make a range of products based on specific design criteria. They learn to evaluate existing products and can draw on specifics of existing products to support them when creating their own designs.

Children enjoy creating their own designs, using prior knowledge to support them in making creative and practical design decisions.

Children enjoy a range of practical tasks using a variety of materials from up-cycled cardboard boxes, to felt and wood. Children are carefully guided to improve their making skill using a range of different joining, cutting and reinforcing techniques, building on their prior knowledge and overcoming obstacles as they come.

Children evaluate their products with the end-user in mind. They share their designs with others and give and receive feedback to support their future learning.

At Belle Vue Primary School, we recognise that being able to prepare nutritious food and make healthy food choices are vital life skills that will have an impact on their health and wellbeing long after they leave primary school. As such, we aim to ensure that every child has opportunities to develop these skills throughout their time at Belle Vue Primary School. Because we believe that these skills are so important, we have a dedicated and well-resourced food technology room for all pupils to access. 

Design and Technology Skills Map


'Phunky Foods'


To support the food and nutrition elements of our curriculum, we use the 'Phunky Foods' who have worked with our children and helped to support the school through training for staff. Food technology lessons are delivered either within the classroom or within our dedicated cooking space, 'The Haven'.