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At Belle Vue Primary School, we value reading as a key life skill which is crucial for academic success and our aim is to teach all our pupils to become confident, fluent readers who enjoy reading. We believe reading opens up new worlds for children and gives them the opportunity to explore new ideas, visit new places, meet new characters and develop a better understanding of different cultures. 

Through our consistent approach to the teaching of reading, we teach children to word read accurately, fluently and develop a range of comprehension skills to support their understanding of a wide range of texts. We also understand the importance of teaching children to read with expression, clarity and confidence across all areas of the curriculum.  

At Belle Vue, we strive for every child to become a competent reader and our reading curriculum is inclusive of all children, including those with additional needs and we aim for every child to achieve their full potential in reading. Through quality-first teaching and appropriate interventions and support for children, we believe we can achieve this.  

We also understand the importance of parents and carers in supporting their children to develop both word reading and comprehension skills, and so we want to encourage a home-school partnership which enables parents and carers to understand how to enhance the skills being taught in school, at home.  

At Belle Vue, we have a systematic approach to the teaching of reading from Reception through to Year 6. Details of this can be found in our school's Reading Policy.

Teaching Comprehension Skills through Shared Reading