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We are so pleased to share some information with you about our wonderful children and their time spent in Reception. 

Autumn Term 2021


In the Autumn term, we covered our topic 'All about me'. This allowed us to explore our school area and grounds and discover our skills and talents within the classroom! Our children accessed our continuous provision accessing a wide range of activities. 

Some of our highlights were: 

* drawing around each other and then painting the person and gluing pieces of uniform on,

* painting self portraits and also beginning our drawing ourselves (which we then repeat each half term),

* using our senses to explore and discover Autumn and discussing the items we all found on our Autumn walk,

* accessing our outdoor area and wonderful school grounds for exploring and learning opportunities. 

* celebrating two festivals: Diwali and Christmas and also performing our Christmas nativity to our parents.

Autumn Term

Spring Term 


As we moved into the New Year, we linked our Topic to Science and Space and Understanding of the World. The children loved exploring with magnets and finding items that were magnetic. The children painted planets, wrote some facts about them and also 'weighed' them in maths! At the end of the month, we studied Chinese New Year and ate some yummy Chinese food and performed a Dragon Dance! 

Some of our highlights were: 

* becoming Scientists and exploring electrical circuits,

* eating Chinese fortune cookies,

* welcomed our chicks and their incubator in to allow us to learn about 'New Life' and we even got to watch them hatch and we held them!