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Year 1’s Christmas nativity

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It’s finally here! We’ve struggled with the sound and apologise that parts are difficult to hear but we’ve tried our best. The children have made us extremely proud and I hope this brings a smile to your faces, like it has ours. Merry Christmas to you all love from Year One 🎅🏻🥰

Year 1 nativity continued...

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Unfortunately the file is too big to upload so has had to be split into three videos...

Part 3...

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Over the past few weeks children have been creating their own stories called 'Lost in Belle Vue School' based on our recent shared reading text 'Lost in the toys museum' as part of our toys topic. We came into school one morning and the teddies we had been making had vanished! We had to follow the clues they left us which led us to them. The children wrote their our own stories all about what happened. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Finley 1AT

Harry 1AT

Ricky 1AT

Bobby 1AT

Sophie 1AT

Toby 1AT

Isabela 1AT

Madison 1AT

Matthew 1AT

James 1AT

Mason 1AT

Isaac 1AT

Sophie Grace 1AT

Jack 1AT

Betsy 1AT

Gracie 1AT

Ollie 1AT

Skylah 1AT

Frankie 1AT

Eva 1AT

Isobella 1AT

Freddie 1AT

Honey 1AT

Alex 1AT

Alexia 1AT

Georgia 1AT

Maisie 1AT

Charlie 1AT

Quinn 1AT

Caitlin 1AT

Rosie 1CL

Leo 1CL

Ella 1CL

Zoe 1CL

Sophie 1CL

Bobby 1CL

Isabella 1CL

Blake 1CL

Ada 1CL

Lydia 1CL

Molly 1CL

Abigail 1CL

Joel 1CL

Freddie 1CL

Hallie 1CL

Kian 1CL

Finley 1CL

Logan 1CL

Brooklyn 1CL

Nia 1CL

Felix 1CL

Jacoby 1CL

Thomas 1CL

Evie 1CL

What a fantastic time we all had at Tullie House. The children enjoyed learning about, and playing with, toys from the past. They were all a credit to you and to our school. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos together.

Class 1AT have had an amazing time at Tullie House this morning learning all about old toys. Their excellent behaviour was commented on by a member of staff at Tullie House and we were all extremely proud of them!

Class 1CL’s dance to ‘This is me’

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Hope you enjoy it as much as we have! We have all loved watching it in class today. So proud of all the children in 1CL for this fantastic performance. Thank you Mrs Temple!

Class 1AT’s dance to ‘This is me’

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I hope you enjoy this dance as much as I did. They certainly made me very proud !