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Sports Clubs

At Belle Vue we offer a wider variety of afterschool sporting clubs. Alongside our excellent PE curriculum, we hope to foster a life-long love of sport in our pupils. 

 ⭐️ Summer 2 sport clubs ⭐️ 


Monday - Y3 & 4 Games with CUFC

Tuesday - Y6 Cricket with Mr Meaton

Wednesday - Y4 & 5 cricket with CUFC

Y5 & 6 Gymnastics with Mrs Charlton

Thursday - Y5&6 Rounders with Mrs Devlin, Y3 Gymnastics with Mrs Charlton and

Y1 Multi skills with CUFC 

Friday - Elite gymnastics KS2 with Mrs Charlton and Y1 multi skills with CUFC 

💫 Pupil Voice 💫 


Janna from 4SM attended gymnastics in the Autumn term - I think it’s great. It’s lots of fun. Janet has helped me with a lot of things like handstands and cartwheels. 

Hollie from 4DA attends Elite gymnastics and attended a Key Steps gymnastics competition in February 2021 - I really enjoy gymnastics s because I’ve been learning amazing routines that I would never be able to do if I hadn’t joined school gym club and I think gym has boosted my confidence from doing the key steps competition. 

Ivie from 4SM attended gymnastics in the Autumn term - I learnt how to do forward rolls better and I learnt how to do a cartwheel but face the opposite way. I’m glad I went because I enjoyed it.


Joseph from 4SM attended Invasion Games in the Autumn term - I think the club was really good because there are really fun games to play and you get tested on your movements and skills. 

Tennis with Y3 and Y4

Year 6 Intra-House Tag Rugby club

Year 2 enjoying Gymnastics Spring 2023